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Gliese Film(Guangzhou) was launched at October 10th 2015.

Gliese Film focuses on Production/Producing service and event organization. Meanwhile alliance 

with Ginger Ale Studio and Guangzhou Volunteer Animation Association.Major business involved;

production and promption service for merchandise and corperated advertisement; pre-producing 

servicefor entertainment,commerical and documentation film;event plan and organizing, majorly 

culture and film events.

Ginger Ale Studio: Film executive and management and production.

Guangzhou Volunteer Animation Association focus on high quality low budget 3D animation

production,and major praction during the flow.

Gliese Film contains talents from a various industrial professions, our members are fully aware of

production,techniques and the market.  

Gliese Film has been a member of;  AmCham Southern China

Guangdong Film Association

Guangzhou Association of International Historic-Towns



In Early 1957,Gliese Catalogue of Nearby Stars was fisrt deliverd by Wilhelm Gliese in Heidelberg.

From then on,Gliese starts his endless advanture in the mighty universe,the dicovered of Gliese 581 and 

Gliese 710 have been an enormous contribution to the Astronomy studies.

As new asters were discovered,Gliese never stopshis passion on his career,and we were inspired by 

his advanturous spirit.Gliese has been one that “Sees magnificant and pass on the fantasy”.

With passion and profession we face our challanges.With unerring and caring we bond with our clients.

With the ingenuity, we contribute our creativity on every single piece of work.

The biggest loyalty comes to our biggest passion.We believe,with Gliese,there is always a story. 




Our clients include various large corperations like;Infintus,Netease,P&G,By-Health,Poly Estate,Vinda,Honda,etc. Our team provides a complete directions of services, from on-site shooting to post-production editing.


We manage to produce multiple documentaries; The Chef, Xinning Railways,Magic Spells,etc

Event orgenization

We have successfully organized events like;Historic Heritage Preservation Conference South China (Macao)(Shunde) 2016 Historic Heritage Preservation Conference South China (Macao) 2016 Guangdong, HongKong, Macao Film Co-production Workshop 2018 (HongKong)(Guangdong)


We provide branding service such as; branding strategymarket survey,brand image and design, etc. We havesuccessful case on customizing with multiple company previously.